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Weight management & Pilates Fitness in Gurgaon

Welcome to Pilates Club of Osteorehab

Pilates Fitness in Gurgaon

Pilates Fitness in Gurgaon

Can you imagine your body without pain? Imagine being stronger, fitter or being your ideal weight. You don’t need to imagine. At Pilates Club we have a unique approach to body movement and health. With our custom built Pilates studio and a highly proficient team imagination becomes reality. Your body was designed to move. Pilates Performance is designed to ensure it moves correctly.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a program of repetitive exercises carried out to facilitate strength, endurance, and versatility on a mat or other devices. Via physical activity that starts from the heart, Pilates exercises build the body.

Pilates is a 100 year old method that is developed by Joseph Pilates during the 1920s to improve posture and coordination, Pilates proponents tout the core-strengthening advantages of the process. Pilates fitness in gurgaon control and strengthened "powerhouse" muscles that include the lower back, glutes, pelvic floor, and hips.

The Pilates Practice encourages deep, deliberate respiration. In recovery settings, Pilates is commonly practised but is still useful to fitness advocates and professional athletes alike.

There are 6 principles of pilates:

  • Centering

  • Concentration

  • Control

  • Precision

  • Breath

  • Flow

Benefits of Pilates

By taking advantage of a form of muscle movement called an eccentric contraction, Pilates produces long, strong muscles. Pilates facilitates flat abdominal muscles, a natural product of a system of workouts that stresses core strength, endurance, and skeletal coordination. The deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back are the heart muscles. By improving core strength, Pilates' other physical advantages include:

  • Improved strength

  • Better posture

  • Efficient movement through activities of daily living

  • Accessibility

Is Pilates Right for You?

Confused and thinking about pilates is right for you or not. It's important before start, what is your aim to achieve. When you develop your body strength could enhance your performance in sports or other physical activity. Strengthening your core will help ease pain and stiffness in the lower back.

Pilates centre in Gurgaon can serve your needs if you're looking for a low-impact exercise that can promote optimal health, weight loss, and weight control. As a result, you are bound to become smarter, strengthen your balance, and increase your understanding of your body and how it moves.


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