It's a form of movements that are performed on mat or spring machines such as reformer , Wunda chair that helps to strengthen , enhance flexibility , endurance and balance coordination

  • Pilates machine we user
  • - Reformer
  • - Half Trapeze
  • - Trapeze table
  • - Wunda chair
  • - ladder and barrel
  • - C- spine

  • Benefits of pilates
  • -It helps to improve the posture
  • -It helps to enhance the fitness level
  • -It improves flexibility
  • -It plays a important role in improving core stability
  • -It also plays a important role to enhance the sports performance

Myths about pilates
It's only for females

It a very wrong assumption
The pilates is discovered by a men "Joseph pilates "

It is ment for both male and female and for kids too

Pilates is like yoga

Pilates and yoga are a different form of exercise and both has it's own pro's

Pilates only improve flexibility

  • It a myth
  • Pilates as lot's of benefits
  • - improve strength
  • -improve endurance
  • -improve flexibility
  • - improve Balance and coordination
  • -improve the core stability
  • - enhance a good posture

If pilates is good for weight loss ?

Yes pilates do help in weight loss by conditioning the body
It helps in toning the muscle