Neurorehabilitation and Benefits

Neurorehabilitation is a process which aims to aid recovery of Neuro musculoskeletal systems and work towards independence following a brain injury, Spinal cord injuries, degenerative disorders of brain or as a result of a stroke or long-term neurological condition. It brings together different kinds of therapies and interventions in order to develop people’s skills and adapt to a new way of living.

It is all about brining patients to maximum potential in terms of movement, strength, Functional activities, skill training.

Neurorehabilitation should be outcome focussed and person-centred and be delivered by specialist rehabilitation professionals, which may include including

  • physiotherapists,
  • occupational therapists,
  • speech and language therapist
  • and other rehabilitation professionals.
  • If we talk about PNF therapy which works faster than others approaches and works on motor learning to brain regarding movements!

    PNF works in stroke patients and other neurological patients from structural level to participation level.

    PNF Therapy is again works in best possible manner in Gait Training & stability training.

    Dr Rohit Gupta who is Internationally Certified Advanced PNF therapist in India at Osteorehab clinic in gurgaon is working on all neurological patients and doing best rehabilitation work in India. He is also teaching and training physiotherapists across globe with PNF Therapy.

    Dr Rohit has worked previously with Indraprastha Apollo hospital & Max hospital, Delhi for around 7 years and now is director of Osteorehab clinic and conducts OPD in various parts of India and Asia.