How Often Do I Need Chiropractic Treatment?

Dr. Rohit Gupta (PT) of Osteorehab- Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic is doing neck and back adjustments to a patient.

So once you've decided to seek chiropractic treatment

The next step: knowing how many sessions you should take.

The are multiple reasons people take chiropractic treatment

Some use a chiropractor's skills for spine adjustments, or looking for alignment of Spinal vertebrae for preventive care or to improve posture.

Then there are patients who want help in managing serious pain conditions, such as Shoulder pain, sciatica, Back pain or Neck pain

The Aim of some chiropractors is to help you to get back to your prior state of health, and then they don't necessarily expect to see you again, so they will call you again when you will have pain or discomfort again.

Other chiropractors believe in a regular preventive maintenance program that might range from a visit every week — with an adjustment done only if you need it — to a visit twice in a month.

Some chiropractors say to visit only when you feel you need an adjustment.

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors can often treat common back ,rib and neck pain in a few sessions

It may take longer or more frequent visits, however, depending on your individual condition, underlying factors that are stressing your body and length of symptoms. Your previous injuries, age factors may affect treatment time.

With spending so many hours at a laptop screen & not doing any exercise, modern life often contributes to common back and neck pain, poor posture and you may find that a regular adjustment every two to four weeks can prevent problems.

Chiropractic specialist who adjusts your treatment plan as you progress. It's not possible to know in advance how many treatments you'll need.

A reasonable expectation is a three- to six-week treatment plan, followed by a re-evaluation and new treatment plan based on your individual condition.

When Do I need chiropractic treatment ?

If you're feeling great but want to catch minor misalignments before they cause problems, a chiropractic adjustment anywhere from once a month to twice a year is an option. Or, you can make a chiropractic appointment whenever you start to feel some tension or pain.

Ultimately, you — and your therapist decide how often you need an adjustment. By knowing your body and how it responds to adjustments, you can decide what works best for you.

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