Tail bone pain is all about the pain in the bone og spine where it ends. We have various parts of the spine like cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum & coccyx, pain in the tail bone means pain in the coccyx area which is also called coccydynia. The severity of this pain can be mild to severe.

Coccyx lies just down to the sacrum, a bone that makes the base of your spine. There are many ligaments & muscles which are connected to it. Both the coccyx and the ischial tuberosities bear your weight when you sit down, that's the reason for increase pain in the coccyx region when you sit for a long duration.

Prevalence of coccydynia

It is very common in young people with females suffering from it much more than males.People with obesity usually are affected 3 times as compared to the people with normal weight.

Causes for Tail bone pain

  1. Fall
  2. Almost every person falls down in this world sometime in their life. If you fall down on the base of the tail bone, there are high chances of getting inflammation in the coccyx region, leading to coccydynia.

  3. Obesity
  4. If you are overweight, it causes extra pressure on the coccyx which might shift its original position leading to pain & inflammation.

  5. Repetitive strain
  6. Some sports activities like cycling, rowing & badminton demand bending & extension of the lower spine very frequently adding lots of strain on the coccyx area

  7. Sitting
  8. Long duration sitting can cause lots of stiffness in the lumbosacral area leading to more stress & stiffness in the coccyx region. If you are sitting on a hard surface or kind of Rocky surface, it is riskier to get coccyx pain.

Symptoms of coccydynia

  1. Pain in the coccyx area, in between the buttock area if you sit for a long time.
  2. Dull achy or piercing pain in the coccyx region
  3. Pain while passing motion
  4. Pain during changing position from sitting to standing etc.


Coccydynia can be diagnosed with radiological examination like MRI or CT scan. It can also figure out by several physical methods.


Chiropractic Adjustment for the lower back has proven to very effective in lowering down pain in the coccyx region. A Chiropractor also adjusts misalignment of the coccyx region.

Ice pack application relief pain & inflammation in the coccyx area. Stretching of Glutes, lower back muscles & Mobilization guided by Physiotherapists recover tail bone pain very fast. Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling techniques around the area of pain also help in pain recovery.

PNF Approach pelvic patterns of Physiotherapy relieves stiffness of the lower part of the spine and also helps in strengthing nearby muscles.Soft tissue release also helps in reducing pain especially when you do it around the coccyx region.

Mobilization of lower spine vertebrae & also of coccyx manually by Physiotherapist helps in relieving pain & reducing tightness. Rehab Pilates specifically designed to lower back pain and coccydynia is very effective again in building core muscles and deloading the coccyx area.