Chiropractic at Osteorehab

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession focusing on diagnosing and treating disorders that affect your bones, muscles and joints. Chiropractic at OSTEOREHAB by Dr. Rohit Gupta mainly helps with pain in muscles and joints, such as:

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • Rib pain
  • shoulder pain
  • elbow pain
  • Knee pain
  • pain from osteoarthritis etc.
He uses different techniques to treat problems with the muscles and joints, like spinal manipulation – using his hands to apply force to the muscles, bones and joints in and around the spine over short, sharp thrusting movements gradually moving your joints into different positions.
Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor?? We have them all JUST FOR YOU !!

Physiotherapists : focus on restoring movement and function to your whole body after you’ve been affected by illness or injury. They look at how the nerves, muscles and bones in your body are affected, and how treatment with exercise therapy and manual therapies can help. They’ll encourage you to take an active part in your rehabilitation, rather than relying on passive treatments.

Osteopaths : look at the health of your body as a whole and aim to make sure all your bones, muscles and joints are functioning smoothly together. They focus on manual therapies to get your body back to a state of balance.

Chiropractors : have a specialist interest in neck and back pain. Like osteopaths, they also look at your body as a whole. They’re interested in how problems with your bones, muscles and joints affect your nervous system and general health. Their focus is on manipulation of the spine – but they may use other techniques too.